About Empanda Project Management System

Empanda is web-based Project Management Information System for NGOs. It includes two key modules.

1. Logframe module secures centralized management of monitoring and evaluation in accordance with the logical framework approach. This includes management of proofs - files confirming the achievement of outputs, outcomes and the impact. Together with the Empanda Android mobile app, management of proofs becomes easy. Connect all photos of your activities, scans of documents and much more directly to the relevant indicator.

2. Financial management module provides for easy and transparent record keeping, and comparison of financial transactions with the project budget and other key documents. Rich report set enables easy reporting to donors and other stakeholders involved. Empanda Android mobile app provides management with simple tool for planning and control.

Combination of the two modules provides for full project management service.

Detailed information on Empanda are available in the following document.

With the support of the Peace Building Nework, we are organizing presentation of the Empanda in Sarajevu, on Thursday, 20.06.2019. For invitation click here.

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Empanda Membership Packages

Trial Mode

  • 3-monhts duration
  • All features active
  • 1 GB storage limit
  • Video tutorials
  • No obligations


€20.00 / Month
  • Full Management of Organisation
  • Unlimited projects
  • 1 GB Storage limit
  • Android App for M&E Management
  • 24x7 support available


€20.00 / Month
  • Full management of organisation
  • Unlimited users for organisation
  • Unlimited accounts & projects
  • Android App for Monitoring
  • 24x7 support available

Full Access

€30.00 / Month
  • Full management of organisation
  • Full Logframe module (1 GB limit)
  • Full Financial module
  • Android App for M&E Management
  • 24x7 support available

Additional 1 GB of storage space: € 7.00 / Month

Trainings and certification: subject to negotiation